Are you looking to make some extra money? Here are 16 side hustles you can do to make some extra cash! Pay off debt, save for a vacation, or increase your earnings.

It seems that everyone I talk to is looking for ways to make money outside of their regular jobs. Or maybe they stay home with the kids and are looking for ways to make a little extra cash. After discussing this topic with numerous friends, I felt it was time to write about it.

I have made a list of 16 ways to make money outside of your normal job. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and not all ideas will work for everyone. I also won’t claim that I have tried all of these ways. The ones I have done before, I put a little extra information with.

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I hope you enjoy this list and find it useful!

  1. Sell things in your home. You can use ebay, craigslist, etc. Anything you don’t use anymore you can sell to make some extra money.
  2. Buy things to resell. This is not a topic I have any experience with, but I have heard that if you know your stuff, you can make some good money. The idea is to buy things for cheap and resell them at a higher price.
  3. Sell breast milk. This of course can only be done by lactating moms who have extra milk. There are several places you can sell your breast milk, both online and locally. One popular site is Only the Breast.
  4. Start a blog. Please note that this is not something you can get rich quick with. It takes time and commitment to make a blog work. I recommend using Bluehost for the hosting and for your blogging platform. Bluehost offers a solid hosting service for a great price; is great for looking professional, and it has a lot of theme options. I use both Bluehost and for this site and I love them!
  5. Build a referral system. This can be a number of things. Real estate, Insurance, small shops, etc. If you have a large sphere of friends, this may be something you want to take advantage of. There are rules with the different industries, so find someone you like and trust and they should be able to get you started.
  6. Manage social media posting for others. This can range from an hourly job you do in your free time, to monthly fees you charge others to manage their accounts. It largely depends on your level of knowledge. Start with smaller companies that are starting to grow and don’t have as much time for doing their own social media.
  7. Babysit. I highly recommend I have used them in the past, and they are great at connecting your with people looking for babysitters (or if you are looking for a babysitter for your kids!). You can scroll through the postings in your area and apply for what interests you. The great part is that they list the hours, wages, and expectations, so you can be choosing with what you want.
  8. Dogwalk. You could make $10 or $100+ with this, it depends what you are wanting. If you offer to walk your neighbor’s dog when you walk yours, it would be an easy way to score a little extra cash. If you are looking for something bigger, you could always advertise your services and walk dogs several times a week or day. If you want to find jobs for dogwalking, check out
  9. Join a network marketing company. This could include Mary Kay, Avon, Advocare, etc. Don’t expect to make it rich off of this, as most of these take the right kind of people and big dedication. However, if you have people who are interested in the product, you might just make a little extra spending cash, or at least get some free products for yourself!
  10. Tutor. Good with English or Math? Why not put that to good use. There are companies that match tutors with students, but you could also branch out and try advertising yourself. also has tutoring services, so they can connect you with people that may need a tutor! (Whew! What doesn’t offer?)
  11. Teach an instrument. This could be anything from the piano to clarinet. You have to know your stuff though, so if you aren’t goof with an instrument, this probably isn’t the best option for you.
  12. Make things to sell. I’m talking about things like clothes, wreaths, blankets, decorations, etc. You can sell them via your own website, or through a platform like Etsy. Just be sure you sell them for enough to cover your cost of materials and time.
  13. Refurbish furniture. Have your seen those distressed pieces of furniture? Or the beautiful refinished armoire? If you think you have the talent to do this yourself, you could make a good amount of money. You will want to find furniture for cheap, and be sure it is in good condition and can be redone. Then you can sell it on Craigslist or Facebook.
  14. Take surveys. There are a lot of website out there that you can take surveys for cash or gift cards. One that I like is Swagbucks. You can watch videos, answer questions, or search the web to earn points, called swagbucks. You then redeem those swagbucks for cash or gift cards.
  15. Write an ebook. If you are knowledgeable about a specific topic, you can write an ebook to share your knowledge with others. Most ebooks sell for about $2.99 each. If you sell 1,000 of them, that’s a pretty good profit.
  16. Collect cans. You can collect pop cans and once you have a couple bags you can take them to a recycling place that will pay you per pound. I take mine to a kiosk near one of the grocery stores I go to. I dump the cans in, it weighs them, then gives me my cash. And as a bonus, it also feels good to recycle!

What things do you do to make extra money? Let us know in the comment section below!