If you are here, then you have a blog and want to increase your page views.

Maybe you have 2,000 views a month. Or 10,000. Or even 50,000. Either way, you want to increase that number to reach more people and potentially increase your earnings.

Really, who isn’t trying to increase their page views?

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There are a lot of things you can do to increase your page views, but focusing on just a few keys things will see the most results.

When I first got serious about my blog and increasing my page views, I decided to make an investment, and I purchased the ebook How to Boost Your Blog Traffic by The She Approach. I haven’t looked back since! She covers everything you need to know about page views. If you are on the fence, be sure to download her free chapter! Check out the resource that helped me increase my page views substantially.

How to increase your page views

Now let’s get started working on rocking your page views! There are probably hundreds of different tips and tricks to help out with page views, and we aren’t going to cover all of them here 🙂 Below are the 3 mains things I focus on that you will want to try for your blog as well.


Pinterest is constantly my #1 traffic referrer. I took Kristin Larsen’s (Believe in a Budget) course Pinterest Presence to perfect my Pinterest account, and then did some research and trial and error myself, and as of this writing, my monthly views have exceeded 485,000, and continue to climb!

How I increased my page views

This is the product that helped me increase my monthly views to over 485K.

If you are new to Pinterest, then you will want to get enrolled in my free mini ecourse for Pinterest. It shows you how to convert to a business account, join group boards, and create pinnable images. Enroll now to get started.

I currently use both Tailwind and Boardbooster to schedule my pins. I feel as though they compliment each other nicely, and they both can do such different things!

If you haven’t tried either of them, then be sure to sign up for your free trial through my link below to get a free month of Tailwind and free pins with Boardbooster. Then you can determine which one you prefer, or if you want to use them both!

How to increase your pageviews

How to increase your pageviews

After you publish a new blog post, schedule it to be pinned to all of your group boards over the next few days.

If you aren’t on any group boards, Pingroupie is a great place to start. Read the board description to learn how to get added, and always follow the rules of the board! Be patient, as it can take some time to get approved for group boards. 5-10 quality boards should be the perfect amount. Check for high followers and a high repins when choosing a board. These will work in your favor.

How to increase your page views

Don’t stop after you schedule your new pin once, schedule it again in 3-4 weeks. Make the hard work of your post really pay off. This is especially true for evergreen posts. Evergreen posts are posts that are relevant any time of year, maybe even for years to come.

I also set up a scheduler on my Boardbooster account so that the pins are repined periodically as well.

How to increase your page views

Lastly, be sure to make 2-4 vertical images for your post. This way you can do A/B split testing, and get your blog post out amongst Pinterest without looking spammy. I use Canva to make my images. They have a template for Pinterest so you always get the right size.

How to increase your page views

Keep pinning both yours and others pins on a consistent basis, and soon your viewers and followers will see some amazing results!

Facebook Groups

How to increase your page views

Facebook is a controversy for some bloggers. It can take a lot of time for potentially minimal page views.

Due to this, I have studied some of the things I have done to see which things have gotten the best results. I still like to do some trial and error, though I mostly stick to what is working. Facebook is an elaborate platform, and I will openly admit that I do not consider myself an expert.

One of the most important things to do is to choose 2 or 3 really great groups to be active in. If you try to be in too many, it can be overwhelming and the impact won’t be as great.

If you have limited time to focus on Pinterest, then focusing on 2 groups is enough. If you work your blog as your main job, then 3 or even 4 groups is completely doable.

How to increase page views

The first one I recommend is one that focuses on supporting bloggers through tips, tricks, and Q&A. This way you can learn new things about increasing your page views and sales, and keep up to date on what is working for other bloggers. It is also a great place to find your “biz bestie” 😉

The second one is a Pinterest focused group. As you could probably guess from the above, I am super passionate about Pinterest! Aside from group boards and tribes, my next favorite way to get more repins is through Facebook groups that focus on Pinterest.

I personally enjoy Blogging with a Smile’s group “Pinterest Automation”. Chantel is really active in the group, and there is a lot of engagement from other members. She also does a thread I love that you can post your Pinterest pins for shares or follows.  I always put my new post in those threads and get a lot of shares that way!


How to increase your page views

Stumbleupon is an amazing traffic source for me the day my post goes live. After I publish my post, I add it to Stumbleupon, and I am always amazed by how much traffic I get in that first day or 2!

The only downfall is that the traffic isn’t as lasting as it is for platforms like Pinterest. I usually only see the rush of traffic the first few days. However, it is a great way to get my post out there from the start.

I haven’t experimented with Stumbleupon as much as some other platforms, so I know there is a lot more I can do with it. Seeing the surge of traffic I get gives me promise that there is a lot more potential to this platform.

The few seconds it takes to share to Stumbleupon are definitely worth the traffic it sends.

Finally, be sure to add sharing buttons to your posts so it is easy for both you and your readers to add yours posts to all the social media platforms! Here is an example of the buttons I use.

How to increase your page views


Those are currently my top 3 focuses for getting traffic to my blog. Of course, this is the marketing aspect of blogging. Be sure to research your blog topics and take time to craft a great post with useful information. This makes the marketing part so much easier!


What do you do to market your blog and increase your page views? Are these 3 things on your list of things to do after you hit publish?