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4 things to not buy 2nd hand

If you guys are anything like me, you love a great deal. Garage sales and 2nd hand stores are my go to places to save money.

Over the last year, I have discovered that some things are just harder to buy 2nd hand, either because of the quality, the savings, or the “ick” factor. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so if you shop these items 2nd hand and have success with it, more power to you!

1. Kids pajamas

4 things to not buy 2nd hand

I buy ALL of my kids clothes either 2nd hand or on clearance. With the great quality used clothes you can find for young kids and babies, why not? Just throw them in the washer and they are good as new!

I have learned through experience, though, that pajamas can be hard to buy used. Usually this is over 6 month sizes. Kids just wear through pajamas faster, or maybe because they wear the same pair more often. There have been a few too many times that I had to fix the elastic on a waste band or just through the whole thing away because it was wearing too thin.

I must admit that every once in a great moon I find some that are in wonderful condition, and I snatch those up right away. For the most part though I try to stay away from them. If you do decide to buy them, just be sure to scrutinize them first. There’s nothing worse than getting home thinking you got a great deal and then realizing they are unusable!

2. Socks

4 things to not buy 2nd hand

I am talking about kids socks here. Sometimes kids don’t leave there socks on for more than 5 minutes, so you find that they outgrow them before they wear them.

However, I have noticed that the elastic in kids socks never seems to hold up. You can get socks for great deals on sale and clearance, so its not worth the hassle of looking for used socks.

I like to get my socks at 1 of 2 places. 1) Kohls. I use their $10 reward I get in the mail and grab a pack of socks. I pay less than $1 for a pack of socks that are brand new. 2) Babies R Us. They usually have great sales that are buy one get one free. I usually scoop up 2 packs if I know I needs socks in a certain size.

3. Pacifiers

4 things to not buy 2nd hand

This one is more of a personal preference. I know that they can be sterilized, I just am more comfortable buying these new. They usually aren’t too costly, and most of the time you don’t need more than a few of them (unless you lose them J ).

As a side note, people have asked if I buy bottles 2nd hand since I don’t buy pacifiers. I have not bought bottles as of yet, but I wouldn’t have a problem buying them and replacing the nipples with new ones.

4. Stuffed animals

4 things to not buy 2nd hand

The reason I don’t buy stuffed animals is 2 fold. The first is because you will accumulate an abundance of stuffed animals, so you do NOT need to feel like your kid will be deprived if you don’t buy any. I had about a dozen assortment of stuffed animals before my son was even born.

The second reason is that although you can wash them, I still feel like there can be a lot of stuff trapped in them. A lot of babies and kids want to put things in their mouth, and I think I would feel anxious about them putting a bear’s ear in their mouth not knowing where that bear has been.

That’s my roundup of 4 things I don’t buy used. What do you never buy 2nd hand? Comment below!