are you too frugal

Would you eat expired peanut butter?

I was greeted by a co-worker one morning with this question. A little taken aback, I asked what she meant. It turns out, she has a mother & father in law that are extremely frugal, and they dumpster dive. They visited the previous weekend and brought them a case of expired peanut butter. Expired in 2014 to be exact!

This got us on the topic of how frugal is too frugal? At what point do you cross the line of frugal and money saving, into unsanitary and…gross?

These are the “signs” that we came up with. These are the things that we consider to be too frugal!

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1. Expired food

Food has expiration dates for reasons. Once it passes that date, the quality of the food starts to diminish. Now I have been known to eat things a few days or weeks after that date, depending on what the item is. But months and years? No thanks.

2. “Found” clothing

Any clothing you find at the side of the road, on biking paths, in the dumpster, etc, might not be a good idea. Yes you can wash it, but what kind of shape is the clothing in? Does it even fit? How long has it been sitting outside? All unknowns here that make this not a good option.

3. Dumpster diving

The only exception here is furniture. Good pieces of solid furniture can easily be salvaged and refinished. Food, clothes, toys, cooking items, and other items of the like are not things that should be pulled out of the dumpster. After all, they were put there for a reason.

4. Reusable toilet paper

I know people do this and claim they save so much money. They probably do, but…eww. Yes I’m sure your washer sanitizes them and what not, but I still don’t think I’d do it. What about when you have guests? I just think there are too many factors that play into it that I wouldn’t feel comfortable.

5. Taking home other people’s leftovers

The couple sitting 2 tables over didn’t eat all their food and they aren’t taking it home? This is not a chance for you to grab your lunch for tomorrow. These people have eaten off the food, pushed it around their plate, nibbled on it. It is unsanitary for you to then eat it yourself. By all means, take your own leftovers home, but please let the wait staff dispose of the rest.

6. Things seen on “extreme cheapskates”

I’m not sure if you have seen the show “extreme cheapskates” on TLC. If you haven’t seen it, you can buy past episodes on Amazon. I always get a kick out of the things they come up with, from pulling their own teeth to digging around payphones for coins. Most of the items done in this show you should probably stay away from or risk being classified as an extreme cheapskate. Of course if that is what you are striving for, by all means take ideas from them 🙂

7. (Sorta)

You are probably looking at this and thinking “Wait. I thought this was a list of 6?”. You would be right. And this one doesn’t necessary fall into the category of too frugal. It’s closer to a fallsafe. If you find yourself doing the 6 previous items, then maybe #7 may be something you want to consider.

What is #7 you ask? It’s making more money! You always here about people having side hustles and part time jobs that make extra money. But have you thought about it? It really can be quite simple, and most things have a very minimal investment. It is completely worth it if it means crossing out items above 🙂

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{This  list is not meant to disrespect anyone who is very frugal or who does any of the items on this list. It is simply a list that a friend and myself put together of things that WE wouldn’t do.}

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Are there any things not listed that you feel are too frugal?