Affiliate marketing is all the rage lately. People are posting on every social media channel that they are making hundreds to thousands of dollars a month with affiliate marketing. And every time you read those posts, you think “I want some of that money! How can I get in on that?”

And the truth is, you can get a part of the affiliate pie. There is enough to go around for everyone! (Pinterest has over 150 million active users monthly!)

Now before we go any further, I need to tell you that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires patience and hard work, but it is complete doable for everyone. You don’t need any fancy skills.

And the best part is, you don’t need a blog or website!

*This post may contain affiliate links.

I first got the idea of using affiliate marketing through Pinterest by reading House of Brazen’s ebook, How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 hours using Pinterest. Did I really make my first affiliate sale in 24 hours? No, it took a little longer than that. It did happen though, and it was an amazing feeling!

The book was really great and there was so much information in it, all explained well and with pictures (my favorite!). This post by no means goes into the detail as much as her book does, so if you want even more information, you will definitely want to buy her book.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

How to determine what your Pinterest audience likes

Since you will be posting your affiliate links to Pinterest, it is important to see what your Pinterest audience likes. What are they repining, clicking, commenting on, etc. Of course, you want it to be an area that you have interest in as well, but remember, it is all about your audience, not you!

Ever heard of the customer is always right? It applies here as well.

There are 3 great ways to determine what your audience is into. You can use Tailwind, Pinterest analytics, and Boardbooster.


Log into your Tailwind account, and on the home screen you will see an area titled “Most Repinned boards” on the bottom right.  Click the “Explore All Boards” link.



This will go to a list of all of your boards on Pinterest and the detailed information about them. You can see in the below screenshot that the board Beautiful Office Spaces is my board with the highest repins. It also gives you information about the virality score and engagement score.


How to add your affiliate links to Pinterest


The higher these numbers are, the better. If you have higher virality, it simply means that your pins on that particular board have a higher chance of going viral. Higher engagement scores means that your audience likes your pins on that board and click and comment on them more.

Pick 1 or 2 of your best performing boards, and that is the topic or niche you will want to use for your affiliate links.

Pinterest Analytics

The second way to determine what your audience likes it by using Pinterest analytics. You must have a Pinterest business account to see your analytics. A business account is 100% free. If you don’t have one, check out this page that walks you through how to convert your existing account into a business account.

Hover over Analytics (top left of the page) and click profile.


How to add your affiliate links to Pinterest


Scroll to the bottom where it shows boards with top pin impressions. You want to look at impressions, clicks, and saves. Your boards that have high in these three areas is a clear sign that your readers like that topic. As you can see below, the boards I show with the high numbers in these areas are Beautiful Offices Spaces, Side Hustles, and For the Home.


How to add your affiliate pin on Pinterest


Since 2 out of the 3 are related to decor and home items, then this is the area that I would go with.

Your results will be different of course. You will need to pull up your account and see your history from the previous 30-60 days. Then you can determine which topics your audience likes, and which ones you want to promote on Pinterest.


BoardBooster has a “Reports” tab on their website that shows the performance of your boards. Keep in mind that if you just started using BoardBooster, and all of your boards are not linked, then your results may be a little skewed.

I just started using BoardBooster recently, so for me, using this to determine my audience likes and interests wouldn’t work out very well.

However, for the sake of this tutorial, I am going to provide you screenshots of my BoardBooster account so you can see how to find your results.

After you sign in, click the “Reports” tab on the top right side on the screen. From the drop down, choose “Board Performance”. This will bring you to a new page that shows all of your boards.


How to add your affiliate links in Pinterest


To get the best results, you will want to change the drop down box from all boards to personal boards.

Then it is just a matter of looking at the repin rate of your boards to find the boards with the highest repin rates.


How to add your affiliate links on Pinterest


You can also click the view button under monthy trends for whichever board you are interested in to see how it does month to month. Again, if you haven’t been using Boardbooster for several months, then you won’t get any results from there.

Choosing an affiliate marketing platform

Next up, you will need choose which affiliate program(s) you want to be a part of. Depending on what niche you decided to use, you may decide to choose a number of different affiliate marketing platforms. To get started, here are some you may want to look into:

  • ShopStyleCollection (pay-per-click)
  • Amazon
  • Rakuten
  • Shareasale
  • SendOwl
  • Bluehost
  • Convertkit

When you sign up for these affiliates, if you don’t have a website, you can use your Pinterest URL and most of them will accept that. Some do not ask for a website at all. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get accepted into one, just keep trying. Remember, I said this takes patience and hard work 🙂

Creating your affiliate pin

Now that you are a part of an affiliate marketing company and know what niche you want to post your affiliate links in, we can get down to the best part: Pinning your affiliate pins on Pinterest!

The process is actually very simple. It is 5 steps in all

  1. Choose the product you want to promote
  2. Upload an image of the product on Pinterest (preferably a vertical pin)
  3. Use your affiliate link as the URL
  4. Write a keyword rich description
  5. Pin it to one of your relevant boards


Watch this short video as I walk you through it:


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And that’s it! Your affiliate pin is now floating around in the Pinterest world, begging to be clicked! Repeat this process for each product you want to promote, and your pins should start circulating.

If you want to help your new little pins get off to the best start, you will want to schedule them to be reposted throughout the next week or 2, both on group boards or your own boards.

If you are looking for group boards to join, be sure to check out my Pinterest boards, Personal Finance – Taking Control, and Tips & Resources for Bloggers. If you would like to join any of my group boards, follow my Pinterest account and comment on one of my pins within the board.

You can manually schedule your affiliate pins (and non-affiliate pins too), or if you’d prefer a simpler, hands off approach, you can use Tailwind or BoardBooster to schedule them.

People often ask which one they should use, and honestly, I am currently experimenting with both. They both work a little bit differently, so they have pros and cons. I’ll let you know once the results are in. 🙂  Also keep a look out for upcoming posts with tutorials on how to use each one for best results.

One thing I do really like about Tailwind is their tribes. You do NOT need a paid membership to be in a tribe, and they really help get your pins circulating faster.

I have a tribe specifically for Affiliate and Product Pins. You can join that tribe by clicking here. Please read and follow the rules of the tribe, or you lose the privilege of being in the tribe.

If you want to try out either Tailwind or BoardBooster, both have free trials. Then if you decide you love them and can’t live without, you can upgrade to a paid membership. If you decide to upgrade to a paid membership, I will receive a credit to my account. This doesn’t raise the cost to you, and I appreciate your support!

Now it’s your turn. I’d love to answer any questions you have, and hear about your success stories! Leave a comment below and let me know how affiliate pins on Pinterest are working for you!