Passive income through dividend investing has always held an interest with me. I’ve written in the past about my other investing platforms, such as my rental property, but I always stay loyal to my dividend portfolio.

Why you ask?

  1. It is more liquid than some other investing options (such as real estate or business ownership)
  2. You can more easily diversify for less risk
  3. You can set things on auto pilot with minimum supervision (I check in on my holdings at least every quarter to see if I want to change anything)

Divident Income 4Q 2017

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I thought it would be fun and beneficial to my readers to start posting my dividend earnings so you can see my progress. I also want you to see that it is attainable for you too! It does take a little time for your dividend portfolio to grow, but anyone can do it.

I use Capital One Investing for my dividend portfolio, which is the same company I use for my high interest savings account I talk about in this post. I’ve been using them for many years and love them!

The 4th quarter of 2017 I did fairly well. This is the first quarter that I looked this closely at my dividends, and I’m pleasantly surprised with the earnings. I’m by no means close to replacing my income, but in relation to my portfolio balance I feel it’s a great start!

Dividend earnings 4Q17: $35.26

Value of portfolio: $3,465

Biggest stock held in my portfolio: Apple 

Divident Income 4Q 2017

I’m a huge goal setter, so of course I’m going to take these numbers and set goals for the first quarter of 2018!

My dividend goal for 1Q18 is $40.00. It is not a large jump, but I also am realistic with my numbers. I have other expenses and investments I am working on, in addition to getting other loans paid down.

Hopefully in the next year or 2 I can really increase my contributions to my investment account and that will help my dividend income grow much more quickly.

I currently use Capital One Investing for the dividend holdings. I do pay a fee of $6.95 per trade, but I feel it is worth it for what it has to offer. I love the research tools to find new stocks, and I have it reinvesting my dividends automatically (with no extra fee). I also have a Capital One savings account, so I can make instant transfers to my investment account.

If you want to do investing (or even just take advantage of a high interest online savings account – currently at 1%) you’ll want to check out Capital One by clicking here. That’s my referral link, and it will score you an extra $25 to your account.

Do you currently do any dividend investing? What is your favorite part of dividend investing?

Pst…Be sure to check back after the 1st quarter of 2018 to see if I hit my goal and learn what my highest paying dividend stock is!