Why I Don't Give My Son Baby Food...And What I Do Instead!

Every parent has been through it. Sitting down for supper and spoon feeding your baby. There’s usually an argument of whose turn it is to feed them, and during the time the baby is fed, the adults food gets cold. There is a mess everywhere as the baby spits out the food that you repeatedly put into her mouth.

But what if you didn’t need to go through this? What if there is a way for baby to eat without an adult tediously feeding her?

If you haven’t heard about it before, let me introduce you to baby-led weaning.

Baby-led weaning is the idea of letting your baby (6 months and older) feed herself from the start. You feed her whatever you are having for supper that night, and she learns how to feed herself right away!

Can it work?

You bet! I started my baby on rice cereal, and within a few days I knew I needed to try something else. He loved rice cereal, but I didn’t like the process of feeding him each night. About that time, I heard a podcast at Radical Personal Finance that mentioned the idea of baby-led weaning. I was intrigued, so I got a book about it to learn more. The book I purchased was fantastic. It gave me all of the information I needed, and I didn’t need to go anywhere else for it! Here’s the book:

It is important to note that there are some things you should NOT feed your baby. Before you start baby-led weaning, please research the topic so you know how to do it correctly.

My son is now 9 months old and he has come a long way! He started eating when he was 6 months old. At first, he made a huge mess! Now, he is a lot better at feeding himself, and he’s learning more every day.

Here he is at about 7 months enjoying a tasty dinner with us!

baby led weaning

Overall, we have found the following benefits for our family by utilizing baby-led weaning:

  • We can eat as a family. No one has to feed the baby.
  • We don’t have to make special meals, or buy or make baby food. He eats what we eat.
  • We can go out to eat without stressing about packing baby food.
  • He loves to eat and is more of an adventurous eater.
  • He is willing to try anything.
  • He has control. He can eat what he wants.
  • He knows when to stop eating when he is full.
  • There is no stress, as we aren’t measuring how much food he eats.


If you any of these reasons intrigue you, I encourage you to read the book and learn more about it. You will save time, money, and stress!

Have you tried baby-led weaning with your baby? What were the results? Comment below and let us know!

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