Elimination Communication. How to get started!

Are you a parent or a soon to be parent? Raise your hand so I can see you. Ok, everyone with their hand up, this post is for you. This is a must read, so grab a seat and start reading!

I’m sure many of you have heard about elimination communication, or early start potty training, diaper free, etc. There are a lot of names out there for it. You may be wondering what all the fuss is about, or you may be wanting to get started but not sure where to look first. With all of the different resources – not to mention the different terminology! – it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s where I come in. Today I’m going to give you my top resources I am using to do part-time EC with my son. I first heard about the idea from my cousin while I was pregnant. We were discussing the cost of diapers, and she mentioned that she had heard of something where your baby can go diaper free really early. I didn’t pay much attention to it, because babies wear diapers, that’s what they do! After I had my son and started changing all of those diapers, I decided that it might not be such a crazy idea. I did a lot of research. Some of it useful and some not. Below are three areas where I found some solid information.

  1. Your local library: Yes, you heard me right. It’s time to bust out your library card and make use of it. This is the first place I started when I decided I wanted to give EC a try. If you have different library locations in your city, be sure to hop online and see what they have at the different locations. One of the books that I enjoyed readings was “The Diaper Free Baby” by Christine Gross-Loh. What your library has may differ, so just read up on the author a little bit if you aren’t sure. Or send me a message and I’ll check it out for you 🙂  I just recommend starting with a book. Reading a book start to finish helped to give me a complete picture of the process and understand it better before I got started, and it ensured I didn’t waste time by starting with the wrong things.
  1. EC website: After you have a clear picture of what EC is, and the basics on how it works, you can utilize the internet. One website I liked was diaperfreebaby.org. This site has resources to help you find a support group near you, recommendation on products to buy and from where, and a lot of useful information. It even lists some recommended books you may want to read. You may even be able to get those books from your library to read for free!
  1. Other moms & support groups: You can read book after book and spend countless hours on the internet, but sometimes what you need is another mom or support mentor who has done EC to step in and help out. If you don’t know anyone who is familiar with EC, you can check out the website above to see if there is a support group in your area. Social media is also a good place to start. There may be other moms in the area who have some experience with EC that would be happy to meet with you. However you go about it, be sure to find a network of support people.

As you can see, there are a lot of different resources to use when you start your journey with EC. Parents have been doing this with their babies for hundreds of years, so it’s not a new thing. Above all else, listen to your instinct. You know that is best for you and your child.

Diaper Free Baby. Is it possible?

Yes! It is possible! I started doing part-time EC with my son when he was 7 months old. Some would say I was late to the game, but better late than never! Right now, I’m having great success with catching them right after his naps. A lot of the material says this is a good time to try, so I went for it and it’s been working out great! I also offer the potty every time I change his diaper, and before baths. I am surprised by the amount of times I catch it then too! I have found that doing it part-time and not putting pressure on myself has made it a pretty enjoyable experience. I hope you are able to have some great success with EC if you choose to practice it. If any parents out there have done EC with any of their children, please comment below. We would love your feedback!