This summer, I got hooked on iced coffee. My employer has a very elaborate Starbucks maker that creates an amazing latte. I then put it in my shake cup with ice and a little syrup and woo-lah! Perfect iced coffee!


How I got my espresso machine for no out of pocket cost

Here’s the downfall: I don’t have any coffee for the weekends!


I decided a great alternative to the fancy Starbucks machine was to buy an expresso machine and make my own iced latte.


I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it though, as we are saving up for house renovations. That’s when I came up with a plan to get my espresso machine for free!


I got my espresso machine from Target, as that is the way I discovered to get it with no out of pocket cost. Here’s the machine I have! (affiliate)


Espresso machine for no cost.

Below are the 3 things I did to get my machine at no cost to me!

1) I used a pharmacy 5% off coupon

When you fill 3 prescriptions with Target, they give you a coupon for 5% off your whole purchase! You can use it as many times in one day as you want.

2) I used my red card for 5% off

The Target red card is not a credit card, it is a debit card. You always get 5% off your purchases, and it stores your purchase information so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of receipts. This has been a lifesaver for me! Another added perk is the free shipping! (affiliate)

3) Gift cards

Target often has deals that if you buy so many of a certain item you get a gift card. I waited until the price was right for stocking up, and I purchased dog food, deodorant, and blades for my razor. I got $20 in gift cards and still got the items for a great price! I know I will need them and they won’t go bad.


So there you have it. By combining these 3 things, I was able to get my espresso machine with no out of pocket cost!


Now I just need to perfect my iced coffee recipe… 🙂


Do you shop at Target? Have you used any of these tricks to get free products? Comment below!