Welcome to the 10 day money saving challenge! Over the next 10 days, we will focus on one new way to save money. The savings will be recurring each month, so take the time to put in the work and you will continue to see your savings increase!

Be sure to track your savings in the printable tracker. If you don’t have the tracker yet, get it here.

I encourage you to open up a new bank account to put your saved money into. It is a wonderful feeling to watch it grow! Then at the end of the month, quarter, or year, you can do something specific with the money. Give you finances the best benefit from this challenge that you can!

Day 10

Fuel saver card

The price of fuel is always fluctuating. Sometimes it spikes high, other times it drops to unbelievable lows. It can be hard to budget for it when it is constantly changing!

The best thing to do is budget on the high end and have a goal for the low end. There isn’t a whole lot you can do to save on gas. You have to drive to work and the grocery store, and you can’t cut down on the distance.

So is there anything you can do to help save some money?

There sure is! Enter: fuel saver card.

What is it?

This is not a credit card of any kind. It actually acts more like a rewards card. While you can get credit cards that help you earn cash back, we are only talking about rewards cards today.

What type?

There are several different kinds of fuel saver cards available. It all depends on where you shop and what the nearest gas station to you is (or the nearest one that you fill up with).

You can get reward cards for fuel at grocery stores, or from a certain brand of gas.

For example, HyVee has a fuel saver card. You earn points for groceries you buy, and those points transfer to money off your gas purchase. The points do expire, and you have to buy your gas at the designated locations.

Another example is BP rewards cards. This is a rewards card that you slide each time you get fuel. Based on how much fuel you purchase, you get money off of your next tank of gas. These can only be used at locations that offer BP fuel, and there are a few locations that are excluded.

How much can you save?

Your savings depends on which card you have, and how much fuel you buy.

If you have the HyVee card, for example, your savings are going to depend on how many groceries you buy there, and if you take advantage of the double fuel point items.

If you have a BP rewards card, your savings depend on how much fuel you buy.

Be sure you aren’t buying unnecessary grocery items to get more fuel points. You will end up spending more money that you will save.

My results

My husband and I use a BP rewards card. We generally shop at Walmart, and they don’t have their own fuel rewards card, so we don’t use a grocery one. It is also inconvenient to use a store one, because the gas stations for them are further away. There is a BP gas station down the street.

It is so simple to swipe our rewards card every time we fill up. And we typically save between 5-10 cents a gallon on every fill up.

Are we going to get rich off of this? No. Does it start adding up? Yes.


How do you save on fuel? Do you have a fuel saver card? Is it through a store or gas station? Let us know!