Welcome to the 10 day money saving challenge! Over the next 10 days, we will focus on one new way to save money. The savings will be recurring each month, so take the time to put in the work and you will continue to see you savings increase!

Be sure to track your savings in the printable tracker. If you don’t have the tracker yet, get it here.

I encourage you to open up a new bank account to put your saved money into. It is a wonderful feeling to watch it grow! Then at the end of the month, quarter, or year, you can do something specific with the money. Give you finances the best benefit from this challenge that you can!

Day 2

(if you missed day 1, catch it here)

Day 2 is all about cell phones.

How much do you pay for your current plan? I am sometimes astonished at the prices people give me, the majority of which are far over $100/month!

If you lowered that even 10%, there is a lot of savings to be had. I am here to tell you that you can lower your cell phone bill, and likely by more than 10%!

There are 4 ways to do this.

  1. Change carriers
  2. Get a group plan
  3. Call and ask for reduced bill
  4. Use employee discounts

Let’s discuss each one so you have a better idea of which one might be right for you/

Change carriers

This is likely the option that will give you the most savings. It is also the option that will require a little bit of sacrifice on your part. You may have to switch phones, handle less coverage, or deal with less available customer service. If you end game is to save though, this is it!

I have a friend that was paying close to $300 a month for her and her husbands cell phone each month! She switched providers and now pays less than $100, and they got new phones! The only drawback is that when they go outside the city, sometimes their service is sub-par. It doesn’t bother them much since they rarely go out into the country.

Another great perk of this is that the new provider will usually always pay for your broken contract, so it costs you nothing to switch. And there are even some providers that will give you a bonus on your account for switching!

Not sure where to get started? Here are a list of cell phone providers you can look into. You will need to do your own research on them though, as I am not suggesting any of them as right for you.





Get a group plan

Two of my sisters and their husbands did this. They got on a group plan together, and split the bill 4 ways. They ended up saving a lot of money each month on their plans, and it allowed them to get on an even better plan without paying as much.

You don’t have to be related to someone to get on a group plan with them. Sometimes small companies will offer group plans. When I worked for a small real estate company, they offered us to be on the group plan at a reduced rate that could not be found going at it alone.

Do keep in mind that you should just jump into a group plan with the next person you see. You want to join with someone you trust, as it is a business venture.

Call and ask for a reduced rate

This one is one that a lot of people shy away from. They are scared of calling their wireless company and asking them to reduce their monthly bill.

Think of it this way, what’s the worst they can do? Say no.

And what’s the best they can do? Save you a lot of money.

This follows a lot of the same ideas as day 1, the cable bill. You may need to talk to more than one person, but if you can save a large amount of money every month then it is worth it. Remember these tips and tricks.

Employee discounts

Large companies often work with wireless carriers to offer their employees a discount on wireless services. You would need to be with that specific carrier, and the discount ranges, but it is still something you may want to look into.

You give the wireless company your business email (that is how they verify you work at the company) and then they put a monthly discount on your account. One and done.


I take advantage of two of these discounts to get my plan at an unheard of price.

First, I am on a group price with my husband and some of my siblings. There a quite a few of us on the plan, so it is a pretty good rate. We have never had any problem with the plan thus far, so we will be continuing it.

I also get a discount from my employer, so I use that for the plan as well. It saves me around 18%. I just recently added the employer discount, so it is amazing to see my new monthly payment.

The numbers

I currently pay $40/month for the my cell phone plan.

I am not sure how much I would pay if I was on my own plan without an employee discount, but I will estimate it at $100.

Total monthly savings: $60


Were you able to save money on your wireless bill with any of these 4 ideas? Or do you do something else? Let us know in the comments below!