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When I was new to blogging (and Pinterest too for that matter!) I invested in the Pinterest Presence course taught by Kristin Larsen. It was a huge leap of faith for me, as I wasn’t making any money off my blog with it being so new.

The 3 lessons the Pinterest Presence course taught me

That huge leap of faith really paid off for me, as my blog is now over a year old and I turn a profit each month. I’m not to the point of quitting my day job, but that’s hopefully in the coming future!


The course helped me build the foundation and stepping stones for me to grow my Pinterest to what it is today. I have no idea how long it would have taken me on my own!


I now have over 1,800 followers, 486,000+ monthly viewers, and the majority of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest. Since the proof is in the pudding (didn’t your mom ever say that?) you can see the screenshot of my Pinterest account below. And be sure to check out my profile and follow me!

The 3 lessons I learned from the Pinterest Presence course

Kristin just recently updated the course, so I thought it would be a good time to share the 3 best lessons Pinterest Presence taught me. 


High to make a high quality pin

The 3 lessons the Pinterest Presence course taught me

I’m sure you’ve heard all the advice out there

“Make sure it’s vertical”

“Use stock photos”

“Make it legible”


While that is all great advice, I often hear people say “ok, but show me how!”.


They want to see exactly how to make the pins vertical and what the size ratios should be. They want to know what stock photos are good to use. They want to know what it means to make the words “legible”.


I was in the same boat as 90% of people before taking her course. I had heard most of those same things, but I still didn’t understand exactly what that meant or how to do it.


Kristin offers you a clear path & guidance, and let’s you know exactly what you need to do for the best pinnable image. She even gives examples so you know if you are on the right path.


If you end up hating the process of creating the images, she also sells pin templates now. They are very high quality pin templates and I can almost guarantee that they will give you traction on Pinterest if used correctly. You can get more information and see the templates she offers by clicking here.


Where to find quality groups boards & use them to your benefit

The 3 lessons the Pinterest Presence course taught me

After completing the group board part of Kristin’s course, I had one of this “oh!” moments. It finally made sense how people were getting a lot of repins and page views without thousands of followers!


When you are just starting out with Pinterest, it can take some time to grow your following. Group boards can take you to the next level virtually overnight. Once I understood that, there was no stopping me! I mean seriously, free advertising? Pinterest was my new love.


The only thing in my way now was finding these high quality group boards (all group boards are NOT created equal) and knowing what to do with them once I got in.


That’s where the course came in.


I got access to a list of recommended boards (and how to apply!) plus learned how to find more on my own. I was now armed with some serious knowledge that I could reapply over and over again, whenever I needed to.


After I got accepted to some quality boards, I took the next part of the course that helped me learn how to make the most of the boards I was in. When to post, how often to post, what not to do, etc.


After you spend the time to get into the groups the last thing you want to do is get kicked out!


Be sure to check out my group boards if they align with your niche. Personal Finance – Taking Control and Tips & Resources for Bloggers are my 2 group boards.


How to set up Tailwind to make pins go viral

The 3 lessons the Pinterest Presence course taught me

In case you haven’t heard of a viral pin, I’m going to explain it quick (see the image above). It is basically when a pin starts to get repinned at a fast rate, producing thousands to hundreds of thousands of repins and page views to your blog.


Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?


Well I can assure you it is fantastic. And it’s completely doable for everyone, no matter how small your blog. Just be sure to know what to do when your post goes viral so you get the most out of it!


I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about viral pins, just that I’ve heard bloggers have made a lot of money and new subscribers from viral pins. I certainly didn’t know that there was a formula for getting your pins to go viral. I had the (silly) notion that it just happened to some bloggers and was more luck than anything.


Then I took the part of the course that explained the things you needed to do to help get your pin to go viral. After that I was excited because I realized that I definitely had the potential for my pins to go viral too!


Kristin shows you step by step how she uses Tailwind to make this happen for her. I was still on my free trial of Tailwind at the time, so I was really new to it all. After getting things set up though, I was hooked. I still use Tailwind to this day (and trust me it pays for itself if you know how to use it!).


Be sure to sign up for a free trial of Tailwind if you haven’t already. You can use my affiliate link to get a free month (that’s a $15 savings). Learn more by clicking here and checking out Tailwind’s website.


Those are the 3 biggest lessons I learned in the Pinterest Presence course. They are by no means everything I learned. Kristin has put so much information into the course, you are sure to learn a ton and be able to use Pinterest to increase your page views and earnings like I have.

The 3 lessons the Pinterest Presence course taught me

And because I believe in the course so much, I’m throwing in a bonus for you! When you purchase the Pinterest Presence course, I will give you free access to my course Creating Images for Pinterest!  It’s a short but powerful course where I walk you through how I use both Picmonkey and Canva to make my images.

The 3 lessons the Pinterest Presence course taught me

Just forward your email confirming you enrolled in the course through my link, and I’ll send you your free course link right away. Forward your receipt to

Alright, now it’s your turn. Visit the Pinterest Presence course site by clicking here. Kristin has more detailed information about what the course entails, plus testimonials from others who have taken the course. Then once you sign up for the course, email your confirmation to to claim your bonus course!