The holidays usually come and go as a blur for me. Between Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas shopping, baking, and all of the social gatherings, there is rarely enough hours in the day!

The holidays can also be expensive, sucking your savings and all disposable income. Instead of letting my bank account hoover to an all time low, I decided to find a way to save some serious money, without taking a bunch of time. Because as I said above, I don’t have time to add more to my holidary to do list!

This is where Ebates comes in.

I originally signed up for Ebates quite some time ago. Then I did absolutely nothing with it. Nada. Zilch.

That was until this year, when I discovered the many benefits of it, and how surprisingly easy it was to use. Now I have saved a chunk of change on my holiday shopping, and I couldn’t be happier!

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Reason No. 1: Brower plug in makes it easy!

Digging through websites when shopping online is the last thing I want to do – or ever remember to do! When I discovered that Ebates had a browser plug in that takes that step out, I was thrilled. Now whenever I go to a site that offers Ebates cash back, the following pops up on my screen:

5 reasons I use Ebates to save money

Pretty neat huh? It even shows how much cash back you will get! Just click the “Activate 6% Cash Back” button and you will be redirected to the following page:

5 reasons I use Ebates to save money

After it redirects you, you will automatically be brought back to your starting page. In this instance, that would be Kohl’s home page. You can verify it worked in 2 ways. First, it will temporarily show in the right hand corner.

5 reasons I use Ebates to save money

Second, you can click your ebates plug in and the drop down will show that it is active.

5 reasons I use Ebates to save money

There is zero excuse or reason for me to miss cash back now! I don’t even have to think about it, it reminds me to click the button to activate my cash back, and I’m on my way to saving money! Join Ebates to install the plug in now.

Reason No. 2: Small minimum for payout!

Some cash back and rebate sites require you to have a large balance before they pay you, sometimes upwards of $100. This annoys me! If I earned this money, I shouldn’t have to wait until I earned large amounts in order to cash it out.

Ebates has a $5 minimum payout amount, and a lot of times I earn that in one order! You can be paid via PayPal (that’s what I do) and get your money quickly once it is sent. Every 3 months, bam!, money in my PayPal account. I could definately get used to that! You can make extra money every 3 months too! Click here to get started.

Reason No. 3: They find you coupons too!

This one surprised me in a good way! I am notorious for searching for online coupons before completing my order. Sometimes I end up down a rabbit hole and simply waste too much time! I was getting ready to check out at Kohl’s, and I saw something from Ebates pop up, saying they found 3 possible coupons. Intrigued, I clicked it.

They tested the coupons on my cart, and used the ones that Kohl’s accepted. I saved an extra $72.81 on top of the Ebate cash back! Any it only took 1 click and a few seconds. Check out the picture below to see how it worked and how easy it is to save with Ebates!

5 reasons I use Ebates to save money

5 reasons I use Ebates to save money

5 reasons I use Ebates to save money

Reason No. 4: They have bonus days & bonus offers to save even more!

On top of the great cash back savings that Ebates offers, they also have bonus days with extra cash back to certain stores, and customized bonus offers to save you even more. It takes just a quick moment to check these 2 pages before shopping online if you want to see if you can save even more. Below are the 2 bonus pages.

5 reasons I use Ebates to save money

5 reasons I use Ebates to save money

As you can see, these offers can save you a lot of money. Some are for coupons to the store, such as a % or $ off, and some are for extra cash back. Once you join Ebates, you can also start getting bonus offers tailored to you!

Reason No. 5: Bonus cash for joining – free money!

Ebates is free to join, easy to use, and can save you money, but there will still be some people who are hesitant to sign up and give it a try. For those people, there is an extra incentive. By joining through my referral link, you earn an extra $10 when you use Ebates for the first time. That is quite literally free money.

So what are you waiting for? Save money this year by using Ebates! Sign up now.