Finances can be confusing. They can be frustering and overwhelming to understand. And because of this, a lot of people shy away from learning how to really manage their finances and money correctly. Thus, they are leaving money on the table.

If you want to make the most of your finances, fill in the cracks, and discover how to make your money start working for you, then you are in luck!

I am a huge believer in getting the right tools to help you achieve your goals, and finances are no different. That’s why I have a resource page that talks about the blogging and financial tools I use and love.

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Today though, I am going to talk about a new website I discovered recently that can have a major impact on how you view your money.

What website am I talking about? Trim Financial Manager.


Trim financial management review

What is TRIM?

Trim is a website that you can sign up for that acts as your own personal finanical manager. Need to check your spending? Cancel a subscription? Negotiate a bill? Trim can do all this for you. Think Siri, but for your money. Sounds pretty neat, right?

I have used many websites and apps in the past, and Trim is up there amongst my favorite. There are a lot of unique things that Trim helps me with that some of the other companies aren’t offering.

The Pros

  • I can securely connect all of my accounts
  • I can text any time for an update of what my finances look like, such as my spending in a certain category

Trim financial manager review

  • I can keep up with the newest and best cash back deals without doing the research myself (who has time for that?!?)
  • They will monitor Amazon for price drops for me. << LOVE this part! I’m a huge Amazon shopper!
  • It’s free to get started
  • They are featured on a lot of major companies

Trim personal assistant review

The Cons

Of course, nothing is perfect. There are a few things that I wish Trim was able to do, or do better.

  • They only negotiate credits for Comcast
  • They are still working on some of the pieces, such as analyzing your retirement account and your car insurance. They do promise to be adding those though!

Now it’s your time to try out Trim Financial Manager. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Click to get started!