My experiences with and why I order from them. brings to mind purple smoke and shrinkrays. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to go watch their commercial now. I think I laugh almost every time I see it! Go watch it now, I’ll wait here…

I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. The advertisements always intrigued me, as you get more money off the more items you buy. Since I love to stock up, I was thinking yes please!

Well, I finally got around to ordering from them, and I have to say I was not disappointed! Here are some of my key takeaways. Oh and by the way, I plan to order from them again!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with affiliate links. Jet compensated me for an honest review of their site. This is my real experience with them. I wouldn’t lie to you all!

Free Next Day Shipping

Wh-what? Yup, you heard me right. So the toilet paper I ordered? Came to my door the next day (and it happened to be raining that day, so I got to miss out on that!). Any purchase over $35 qualifies for free shipping.

It is important to note though, that the next day shipping is only on items that ship themselves. Anything shipped by a 3rd part is 2-5 days. So the essential oil diffuser I ordered came 2 days later. I had no complaints about that though, because it was still free! And all of my more urgent items (toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste) came next day.

Discount for multiple items purchased

After doing some recon, my understanding is that items of the same category and/or brand are matched together for the discount. For example, when I ordered toilet paper, I got a discount for each subsequent one I ordered. So if you like to stock up (like me!) then this can save you some serious cash!

To make shopping easier, they list the savings under the item. So put that toilet paper in your card, keep shopping, and you can see which items qualify for a discount. No guessing and checking, they lay it all out for you.

Save money by waiving return shipping

I don’t plan on returning my toothpaste, so I waived the return shopping and saved even more money! I was unsure about the essential oil diffuser, so I left the free return shipping on that item. I absolutely love that you can pick which option for each item you buy. Talk about customization!

No membership fees

I’m gonna be brave and just say it, is comparable to Amazon style= with no membership fees.

Before you start throwing tomatoes, hear me out, ok? They offer discount for bulk, money off for waived return shipping, and free next day shipping on the low entry price of $35, AND they have no membership fee? Admit it, it has you curious now!

Good prices

In my opinion, the prices for the items were very comparable. They have name brands and even generic brands like Kirkland!

To give you an idea of costs, I’m going to break down what I ordered. These prices were before any kind of discounts for first order, multiple item, or waiving of return shipping. If you want to look closer at quantity and such, just click on the item and it will take you to the specific.

1) Scotts toilet paper – 18 pack for $10.97

2) Dove Men+Care Deodorant – 2 pack for $6.19

3) Colgate toothpaste – 2 pack for $4.79

4) Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste – 2 pack for $7.91

5) Deneve essential oil diffuser – $19.95
{I have to say I was nervous about ordering this because there are sooo many to choose from and I have never tried one before. I love love love this one! It’s so cute and works great, with an auto shut off and all!}

6) Born free sippy cups – 2 pack for $9.46

Compare these to the prices you pay, but I bet you will be pleasantly surprised. Don’t forget that you can bundle and save more!

They offer discounts

They offer you 15% off your purchase. You may be thinking, “well everyone does that, so what?”

You’re right of course. But you know what really got me? They offer 15% off the first three purchases. Pretty cool huh? So take those prices up there and take 15% off. Yay!

What’s the catch?

While I have sung their praises and will definitely be ordering again, I do want to point out a few things that I found not as pleasant.

First, I didn’t like browsing on their website. You can pick a category and browse, but I got tired of scrolling after a while, so I never saw the things at the end. This is most likely due to the amount on their site.

Second, they didn’t have some main brands I wanted to buy from. They do have top brands and off brands alike, but some of the more popular ones I’m used to seemed to be missing.

The third one is a strange one. I wanted to order my son a sippy cup. I found one that I knew was a good one and went to add it to the cart. It wouldn’t let me choose the pattern or gender. It said you would receive one at random. Well I didn’t want to receive a pink princess cup for my son! I tried another cup and the same thing happened! I was able to find ones to choose, so it turned out ok, I was just a little frustrated initially. I am guessing this is how they keep the cost down.

Lastly, I can’t attest to their process of returns, as I didn’t need to return anything I bought (yay!).
So all in all, I would recommend others to give a try.

Actually, I have already sent my sister a message telling her to check it out! She is so busy with not a lot of time to shop, so she likes to order things online and have them shipped to her door. I figure this might be her new go to website.

Has anyone else used How was your experience?